Sex worker empowerment through health and human rights education. Coupled with loud advocacy through stakeholder engagement at ward, county and national levels seeking for creation of conducive environment.


Continue to grow deep roots as an organization through targeted capacity building that enhances our ability to deliver on the expectations of our community members.


Ensure the holistic empowerment of sex workers with the development and transfer of relevant skills for sex workers to improve their lives





Established in 2014 and registered in 2016, SWOP Ambassadors is a Nairobi-based sex workers’-led and managed advocacy organization, committed to addressing health, violence, human rights abuses and stigmatizing laws and policies that limit quality of life of sex workers, and their access to HIV prevention, test, treatment, sexual and reproductive healthcare. We focus on at the margins: chefly, those that are poor; migrants, refugees and undocumented; older/aging; disabled; injecting drugs; and living with HIV, advanced HIV disease and other terminal illnesses. For the most part, most of our consituents live at the intersection of these marginalization, and suffer increased vulnerability and have totally been ignored in the fight against HIV.



Health & Human rights advocacy

Swop Ambassadors is aware that sex workers in Kenya are often subject to violence, both in their personal lives and at work.

Structural intervention

Swop Ambassadors engages with different stakeholders in advocating for policies that create an enabling environment for sex workers.

Economic empowerment

Swop Ambassadors has continued to encourage sex work groups to start sustainable enterprises such as soap making to aid in their sustainability and as an alternative source of livelihoods amongst them.



To develop a robust system that ensures retention and sharing of knowledge to augment our advocacy eorts at ward, subcounty, county and national levels.


To continue increasing our organization capacity through identification and resolution of organizational challenges.


To enhance our overall advocacy and empowerment program by implementing evidence guided effective health and human rights programs


To improve the lives of sex workers through timely health uptake, enhanced skills development, mental and sexual reproductive health treatment and referral.


We are committed to liberating Sex Workers including, Muslim and Migrant Sex Workers by promoting their human rights, Equity and dignity. • We respond to calls and needs of sex workers • We serve as their voice by advocating for their fair treatment and follow up for legal redress • We contribute to the larger movement by ensuring inclusivity of migrant sex workers in leadership and decision making

To realize an inclusive and empowered community of Sex Workers including Muslim and Migrants, thriving in an environment free of stigma, able to fully enjoy their human rights and realize their dreams

1. Respectful– we respect the human dignity of sex workers, recognize their voice as human beings and stand in the gap for sex workers. 2. Openness and accountable– we understand the need for partnerships and seek assistance to meet the need of sex workers 3. Non discriminatory– we engage with all sex workers regardless of age, nationality, culture, status, religion or affliation. It reduces the weakness by focusing on the marginalized community. 4. Empowerment- building capacity of our members and leaders 5. Involvement of rights– it builds implementation of rights and has a big effect on policy and performance

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