About Us

SWOP Ambassadors is a Feminist Community led and run Grassroot organization with a focus on addressing:

Violence, Stigma and Discrimination that act as Barriers to Accessing Health and Legal Services

Our Vision

To Empower Sex Workers in Kenya by Ensuring their Social, Health, Economic and Psychological rights are Improved and Respected.

Our Mission

To improve the Living Conditions of Sex Workers in Kenya and Fight against Sexual Abuse and HIV/AIDS.

Our Process

1. Recognizing Sex Work as work.
2. Supporting Sex worker Self-determination and Self-organisation.
3. Opposing All Forms of Criminalization and Other Legal Oppression of Sex Work



Rosemary Kasiba

Rosemary Kasiba is a Feminist, Grassroots, Human Rights and Sex Worker Activist that Identifies with Sex Work as Work. The Founder of SWOP Ambassadors a Sex Workers Led and Run Organization. She has been influential in Promoting Health and Legal Rights of Sex Workers in all Diversities at the Grassroots, County, National, and International Forums. Rosemary's Experience in Communities, Organizing, Campaigns, Mobilization, Education and Representation, has seen her occupy various positions of Committee of Experts of Research, Sex Work, and The KP Consortium.

program officer

Leilah Kanaizah

Leilah is a feminist human rights Muslim activists who fights of the rights of women and Muslim sex workers an active sex worker who identifies sex work as work. She is one of the founders of Swop Ambassadors a female-led organization and in charge of programs. She is a community health promoter trained to provide basic health services such us health education, disease prevention and treatment. She is the link between the community and formed health facilities. She is a trained peer educator whereby she has developed her communication skills, team work, collaboration, learning and leadership.

Advocacy Officer


Veronica Were aka (Achibela) as well known by Community Members has many titles Sex Worker that identifies with Sex Work as Work, Sex Worker Contact Person, Peer Leader, Mobilizer Organizer. Achibela has Participated in Campaigns and Demos advocating for issues that relate to Sex Work. Have Lived Experience of Sex Work having Been in Sex Worker for More than 20 Years. In Violence Reduction I Respond to Distress Calls, Report, Document, Accompany and follow up for Justice of Sex Workers that have been Violated, Stigmatized and Discriminated.

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