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Amplifying the voices of sex workers



Swop ambassadors advocates for universal access to friendly HIV/AIDS, Sexual and reproductive health services. We speak about violence against sex workers, oppose human rights abuses and challenge unfriendly laws.

To realize an inclusive and empowered community of Sex Workers including Muslim and Migrants, thriving in an environment free of stigma, able to fully enjoy their human rights and realize their dreams

We are committed to liberating Sex Workers including, Muslim and Migrant Sex Workers by promoting their human rights, Equity and dignity. • We respond to calls and needs of sex workers • We serve as their voice by advocating for their fair treatment and follow up for legal redress • We contribute to the larger movement by ensuring inclusivity of migrant sex workers in leadership and decision making

1. Respectful– we respect the human dignity of sex workers, recognize their voice as human beings and stand in the gap for sex workers. 2. Openness and accountable– we understand the need for partnerships and seek assistance to meet the need of sex workers 3. Non discriminatory– we engage with all sex workers regardless of age, nationality, culture, status, religion or affliation. It reduces the weakness by focusing on the marginalized community. 4. Empowerment- building capacity of our members and leaders 5. Involvement of rights– it builds implementation of rights and has a big effect on policy and performance









Cases handled

                                        Our TEAM


Rosemary Kasiba is a founding member of Swopambassadors. A sex worker who identifies with sex work as work. Feminist human rights defender and a sex worker activist that supports rights of women who sell sex. She has represented sex workers in different platforms and campaigns and continues to do so to date. (

Programs manager

Leila Kagasi – Swop Ambassador’s programs manager- has dedicated her life advancing the plight of the discriminated and marginalized sex workers.

Advocacy OFFICER

She has had a strong passion for community development and implementation of community growth programs and projects. A strong advocate of social justice.


Truephena Ayieta coordinates field work at Swop Ambassadors. She is passionate for Human rights for all. Champion in mobilizing communities for health and legal rights. She has taken leadership to defend sex workers charged in court as a certified community paralegal and advocating for eradication of laws that criminalize sex work.


Caroline Nasibwa represents migrants sex workers from Uganda. She has vast knowledge and skilled in person-centered counseling approach and trained HIV/AIDS peer educator.


Grace Kitunzi represents Tanzanian migrant sex workers. Her primary goal is to communicate the promotion and protection of equality and inclusion of all individuals and communities, and advance their meaningful participation in society